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Brand Ambassador Spotlight – February 2018: Kandiss Marie Lewis

Welcome to our February Ambassador Spotlight!  It’s time for you to meet Kandiss Marie Lewis–model, jet-setter, and concert-goer.  Her favorite hobby is “brunching” in her hometown of LA, between photo shoots and paddle board sessions.  She’s guaranteed to make you smile and will inspire you to set some new goals as well! What got you […]

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Travel Nutrition: Our Top 5 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Go

  It may have taken months, but you’ve finally mastered the art of meal prep.  Your weekly trips to the grocery store are uber efficient and a pre-requisite to a week of healthy, nutrient dense meals and snacks.  Your friends at work envy your perfectly proportioned containers of chicken, spinach salads and quinoa.  The cashier […]

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Our Favorite Fall Activities

While it may be tempting to stay under the covers and hibernate in a hoodie, fall is our favorite time of year to get outside!  The sweltering heat has passed, the hair-flying humidity has dropped.  Why not Getaway and head outdoors for some of these friendship-building, memory-creating and calorie-burning activities? And if you’d rather stay […]

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Packing the Perfect Picnic

The summer months bring sunshine and warm weather. They invite us to spend more time outdoors, energizing us and allowing us to take a break from cubicles, fitness studios and everything else that keeps us inside. Along with cycling on trails and down city streets, we get our vitamin D fix while floating at the […]

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Brand Ambassador Spotlight – June 2017: Vanessa Badran

We are eager to introduce SOL and SELENE Ambassador, Vanessa Badran!  Vanessa is from Toronto, Ontario and is a soon-to-be Yoga Teacher.  She’s a 90s child and self-proclaimed “Urban Yogi” who works full time as a Web Designer & Developer. Vanessa began yoga as a way to gain strength and core muscles to support her […]

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