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The Urban Garden: Growing Your Own Herbs and Veggies

Do you dream of lush gardens full of your favorite fruits, veggies, and herbs? Strawberries scatter about and fresh peppers dangle among green leaves and sunlight. Is that dream crushed every time you remember you don’t have a backyard? You can barely keep a plant alive in your 500 square foot apartment and the thought […]

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Winter Skin Care

Around this time of year, we all crave sunshine and warm weather (oceanside with a cabana boy, please).  The sun has disappeared, along with your desire to be outside.  The February air is as cold as your mood and the wind is as brisk as your morning walk to the train.  Not only has your […]

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4 Ways to Add More Veggies in Your Diet

What do sleep, patience, and veggies have in common?  They’re all something we need more of!   The average adult requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to recover, allowing the hormones that affect our mood and appetite to stabilize.  Patience is a virtue that allows us to get through the day without […]

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Making Meal Prep Easy

After a 10 hour day, you’re finally done with work. Your head is beginning to ache and the bottle of water you left on your desk sounds really, really good right now.  Looking back on the day, you tell yourself, “If only I had remembered to prep those overnight oats yesterday, I wouldn’t have had […]

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SOL and SELENE - Infinity Back Pack

Stars, Stripes and Superfoods Smoothie

Among the fireworks, food and star-spangled celebrations, we strive to make healthy choices and focus on what makes us feel our best.  Starting your day with the Stars, Stripes and Superfoods Smoothie is a nutrient-dense, craving-busting, sweet-tooth-satisfying way to stay on track.  Here’s why. It Contains Strawberries Strawberries are high in Vitamin C, an important […]

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