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The Pros and Cons of Being a Coffee Drinker

Does the thought of freshly ground coffee and live music at your favorite cafe send you into a dreamy state of deep thoughts and focus? Do you crave caffeinated conversation and heart-topped lattes all day as you catch up with friends? Iced or hot, with cream or without, a well-brewed coffee is a staple for […]

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4 Ways to Add More Veggies in Your Diet

What do sleep, patience, and veggies have in common?  They’re all something we need more of!   The average adult requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to recover, allowing the hormones that affect our mood and appetite to stabilize.  Patience is a virtue that allows us to get through the day without […]

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Making Meal Prep Easy

After a 10 hour day, you’re finally done with work. Your head is beginning to ache and the bottle of water you left on your desk sounds really, really good right now.  Looking back on the day, you tell yourself, “If only I had remembered to prep those overnight oats yesterday, I wouldn’t have had […]

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