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Less is More: The Advantages of Decluttering

We’re all guilty of it.  You move that pile of clean laundry from the bed to the chair…from the chair to floor…never making the time to put it away.  Somehow it accumulates until there are more clothes on the bedroom floor than in your closet and dresser drawers.  As you assess the mess, you realize […]

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Cabin Fever Fitness

When it comes to working out, what’s your number one motivator?  A hot bod?  A healthy heart?  More energy?  The perks of a consistent fitness routine go way beyond toned triceps and a solid booty.  But when the days are short and time on the treadmill feels like an eternity, getting to the gym may […]

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The Benefits of Training With Resistance Bands

What comes to mind when you hear the word “resistance?”  If you’re anything like us, you may think “unwilling to change” or “hesitant.”  In this context, resistance may keep you in your comfort zone.  It is difficult for most of us to break through resistance and discover what happens when we try something new. Yet, […]

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Brand Ambassador Spotlight – December 2017: Kelli Bettridge

It’s an honor to introduce you to Kelli Bettridge, Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger!  Kelli resides in Orem, UT and is the co-founder of Level 212 Fitness.   We spentsome time with Kelli to find out what inspires her and how she stays accountable to her goals throughout the year. What got you started living a […]

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Sol And Selene - Winter Winddown

Winter Winddown

Shopping lists are growing and temperature are dropping. You’ve booked your airfare to fly home, but still aren’t sure who’s picking you up.  There’s only one week left to complete the end of year report your boss requested.  You’ve been out of almond milk for over a week and the hustle of city life has […]

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