How to Stand Out This Spring: Our Favorite Fashion Trends

Yari Pujols @yarpulo
Yari Pujols @yarpulo

Are you tired of cloudy days and cold temps? Would you rather wake up to sunshine than to snowflakes? Us too. You’re probably wondering if you’ll ever have the chance to show off your new pedicures. Seems unlikely when the temperatures feel as cold as the margarita we’d rather be sipping on the beach, right? Winter has officially overstayed it’s welcome.

So what can we do to feel like Spring has sprung when we’re surrounded by sidewalks that need to be shoveled and flowers that are as droopy as our spirits? 

We’ve decided to share a sneak peek of our favorite fashion trends that we’re gearing up for this season. Whether you crave bright color, florals, strips or mix-matched textures, there are countless fashion trends to look forward to this time of year. Get over that case of cabin fever and start Going Places as the temps warm up and the sun begins to shine.

White Sneakers

While white sneakers may not pair well with snow, slush, and mud, these trending shoes are a multi-purpose fashion piece that goes with just about everything. Opt for muted or metallic tones and solid soles that create a chunky silhouette. Embrace your femininity with a skirt and 90s-inspired sneakers or keep it simple in leggings with a white top and jean jacket. 

Long Shorts

It’s an oxymoron, we know. But to really elevate your look this spring, lengthen your shorts. The Bermuda short is a key fashion piece for everything from an ocean-side vacation to street style. If you’re feeling hesitant, rock them with a pair of strappy high heels to elongate your girly gams.

Shape up and Ship Out

We’re referring to your bag, that is. Bags of all shapes and sizes and storming through the fashion world this spring. Instead of your standard purse, celebrates and fashion fanatics alike have been seen carrying bags in a variety of shapes, storing their must-haves as they ship out from work to play. 

Polka Dots

Rather than risk looking like Minnie Mouse, focus on balancing silhouettes and fabrics when wearing polka dots. Think chiffon dresses, along with sheer skirts and tops. This print also pairs well with a classic trench or a pop of color such as a red scarf or yellow heels.


The key to carrying off this look is to pair your pastels with a deeper tone of the same color. Accessorize with neutral shoes and simple jewelry. These ice cream like hues look good on everything from ruffles to blazers to sneakers.

Yari Pujols @yarpulo
Yari Pujols @yarpulo

Walking into a new wardrobe of colors and designs is sure to add some heat to even the coldest spring day. Say goodbye to winter and hello to beautiful apparel guaranteed to brighten your closet and your day! Opportunities surround you and so do all of your favorite must-haves when you gear up with this Sol and Selene bag. Featuring water-repellent nylon and a vegan leather trim, the multi-pocketed Going Places backpack will take you down the street, across the country or to your corner office before you know it. What’s your favorite spring fashion trend? Share a photo and let us know by tagging #solandselene.

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