Outdoor Workouts: Why and How to Do Them

Have trips to the gym become more mundane than a Monday morning? Are you struggling to find the inspiration to hit the weights and plank your way to a fitter body? If you’re feeling trapped by the four walls of your workout facility, it’s time to think outside of the box. Open your mind and open your front door to the great outdoors.

There are several advantages to working out in nature, and not having to wait for the squat rack is one of them. We’re about to share some of our favorite reasons to climb, bike, swim and sweat among the trees, birds and in the sun. Whether you have a Jetset life or just want to escape from the gym now and then, we’ll provide you with the resources to do so.

More space

As if we didn’t mention it enough, the four walls of a gym or yoga studio can make you feel a bit confined. Have you ever tapped toes with your neighbor in savasana? Been a little too close for comfort in cycle? It’s not the ideal situation. When you workout outdoors, you have plenty of green space to do whatever you like. Go to a local park, jog the nearby trails or save time by staying in your own backyard.

Save money

If you’re tired of spending money on classes and a training facility, you’ll save a pretty penny when all you need is a good pair of gym shoes and workout clothes. With all of the money you save, you could invest in portable equipment such as resistance bands, a fitness tracker and dumbbells (or a new Sol and Selene bag!).

Improve your mood

An improved mood along with a tighter core? Sign us up! Yes, working out outdoors can result in both of these benefits. Studies have shown that walking in nature could reduce your risk for depression and can improve brain function. Keep in mind your activity doesn’t have to be intense. Even a bike ride or walk can have a positive impact on your health. Research shows that breathing fresh air has a positive effect on people, regardless of the type of activity you’re doing. Check out the following ideas for fun ways to stay active outdoors:

  • kayaking
  • hiking
  • bicycling
  • swimming
  • gardening/yard work

Stimulate your brain

Thinking outside the box challenges you to use your brain (and your body!) in a new way. When there’s no treadmill to run on and no machine to leg press with, your creative skills kick in and you begin to see the bench as a place for tricep dips. The bleachers become a place for cardio intervals and lunges. If you’re still feeling a bit unsure about what to do, we’ve created a routine that can be done anywhere.

Warm up for 2-3 minutes. Complete the A, B and C movements 2x before moving on to the next set. Once all sets are completed, perform each A movement back to back. Rest as needed.

1A. High knee run – 30 seconds

1B. Alternating reverse lunges – 20x

1C. Plank hold with shoulder taps – 20 taps

2A. Jumping jacks – 30 seconds

2B. Squats – 20xx

2C. Side plank hold – 15 seconds/side

3A. Heel kicks – 30 seconds

3B. Plank walkout with pushup – 5x

3C. Alternating front lunges – 20x

4A. Burpees – 30 seconds

4B. Lunge with knee – 10x/side

4C. Squat with alternating front kick – 20x

Be sure to pack sunscreen and a timer (or use your phone) in your Jetset bag. Featuring a removable drawstring nylon laundry bag and water repellant nylon, this satchel is built for the great outdoors and beyond! What’s your way to stay active in nature? Share a photo and let us know by tagging #solandselene.

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