Less is More: The Advantages of Decluttering

We’re all guilty of it.  You move that pile of clean laundry from the bed to the chair…from the chair to floor…never making the time to put it away.  Somehow it accumulates until there are more clothes on the bedroom floor than in your closet and dresser drawers.  As you assess the mess, you realize there are as many tees as there are colors in the rainbow.  You own enough skinny jeans that if you had to tie them together to escape from your 14th-floor window, you could do so without fail.  And your legging collection?  It grows like dandelions in a field every time Lululemon has a sale.

Yet, when it comes to finding space to store all of your tanks, skirts, shorts, and sweaters, open hangers and empty drawers are as rare as a three day weekend.  The excess doesn’t end with your wardrobe either.  Kitchen cabinets are a hodgepodge of measuring cups, bottle openers and mismatched sets of wine glasses.  As you peer into the living room, you notice all of the dusty board games stacked under the coffee table, alongside your “collection” of Vogue, Elle and Bon Appetite magazines.  Upon further investigation, you realize your Clueless DVD that went missing months ago has been hibernating with the dust bunnies under the table.

How much of what we own do we really need?  How much of what we have do we really use?  In a world where we crave more money, more clothes, more shoes, more food and “one more round,” our arms are full and our wallets are empty.  We should be letting go of excess to open our hearts to experiences.  Wonderful things happen when you live with less.  Here are some of our favorite reasons to consider cleaning and decluttering this spring.

You’ll be making room for more

Out with the old, in with the new.  Right?  Well, sort of.  Getting rid of your six extra pairs of dark skinny jeans and the tube tops you haven’t worn since 2004 does free up some space.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should head to the mall to restock your closet.  By getting rid of what you don’t need, you’ll have more time to focus on experiences.  When you have less to clean, put away and organize, you’ll have more mental focus and energy to put toward relationships and memory making.

You’ll be helping someone else out

So maybe you’re doing an alright job of keeping up with your New Years resolution to cook a new meal once a week.  But, do you really need 2 sets of measuring cups?  And while it sounded great at the time (11pm on a Saturday night, while sipping on Merlot), that juicer you bought from the infomercial quickly became more work than it was worth.  Consider having a garage sale or selling things you don’t use on a Facebook marketplace.  Another option is to donate your items to a local charity or shelter.  One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

You’ll focus on the quality, instead of the quantity.

The best part about decluttering is you don’t have to get rid of your favorite bag or the denim jacket you wear with everything.  When it comes to minimalism, the point isn’t to live on a shoestring budget, with as little as possible.  Getting rid of the clutter allows you to realize what’s truly important and prioritize how you spend your time and money.  Like a fine meal, you’ll appreciate something more when it is prepared by a skilled chef, in a restaurant with Yelp reviews higher than your biggest goal.  Put your money, time and your energy where you will experience the biggest return, with minimal clutter.

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