Leap into Self-Love By Britt Lynn + Giveaway!

Self Love. Self Love.

What words, feelings, thoughts spring up when you think of or find yourself in conversation about self-love? It’s a question that took 24 years to ask mySelf, and upon asking, realized that I didn’t have any relationship with self-love practices, know what they looked or felt like, or (most of all) know of their boundless therapeutic magic.

In 2013 I started seeing a therapist to cope with immense anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and control issues. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was awaiting someone to valiantly ride upon a wild horse to save me from my sadness. No one was doing that, and instead, relationships with friends and family were getting worse. I didn’t know why this was happening and went deeper into a pit of self-pity (cue Self-worth Gremlins– come forth!).

I didn’t know that I was the only person who could deliver Me out of sadness.

Therapy continued for over a year, without much progress. It wasn’t until I experienced a complete breakdown, I choose to see it as a spiritual breakthrough, (in the middle of a room filled with 60 other people while receiving critique for my yoga teacher training final exam) that it dawned on me; I really had some work to do.

For many, it takes an earth-shattering slap upside the head from Universe (God, Higher Power, whatever fits your own idea of the divinity that orchestrates our planet), before we halt all movement and look deeper at our lives to realize we could be living a life filled with greater happiness and less suffering. Think of a car: we are, in the same way, responsible for maintaining its smooth function. We possess the free will to have regular tune-ups or procrastinate until it inevitably goes up in flames.

Internal wellness stems to all other areas of life, we’d do well to place it high on the scale of priorities.

Since 2015, I’ve been endeavoring a journey of discovery and rediscovery, as well as learning how to unlearn what isn’t serving me in terms of self-fulfillment and happiness.

As time moves forward, we are witnessing shifts and ‘up-levels’ throughout our collective consciousness in terms of the relevancy we have to our lives.

We come to realize more each day that we are the creators of our own reality, and that if we want to see something different, it is solely in our ability to change it. These are shifts that will continue moving forward, mainly because it feels good to be more connected to our internal states. We begin to witness change sprinkling into all areas of life. It becomes easier to seek silver lining when met with adverse instances. I like to think of that yummy goodness as a form of internal medicine. One that is self-administered, as we are also the sole recipients of the key that has access to giving ourSelves goodness.

As individuals, self-care practices look different from person to person. Whether you love to take baths (I love a mixture of essential oils, crystals, herbs, Epsom salt), curl up to watch a favorite movie, get the heart pumping with a rigorous workout, meditate or have always wanted to start journaling. Be patient with yourSelf and really get curious at what would give you that next level feeling of fulfillment.

3 questions to create clarity around your internal wellness:

  • What are some reasons (ahem, excuses.) you tell yourSelf you don’t have time to indulge in x, y, z?
  • Were these reasons learned or taught? What instilled them in you as Truth?
  • Can you imagine yourSelf in a place of ‘up-leveled’ wellness, whether physical, mental, spiritual or emotional?

And also, 3 ways to jumpstart a self-love practice:

  • What would I love to do that is just for my fulfillment?
  • How will I make this new practice sustainable?
  • Do I need to ask friends/loved ones for support in this growth?



With all these new self-love practices, you’ll need something to carry your Tarot Cards, Crystals, Journals, Yoga mats, love letters to yourSelf… To get your self-care game to the next level, we wanted to gift 1 (one) backpack to the SOL AND SELENE tribe. Head over to @BrittLynnYoga Instagram page to enter to win a Rose Gold All Star backpack!


Author – Britt Lynn
Britt Lynn is a born and raised Las Vegas Native with an absolute love and devotion to her own spiritual expansion and personal wellness. A curious Gemini, she’s led a tumultuous journey of self-discovery and has reclaimed her power through uncovering lost Truths within herSelf. She now offers what she can on these topics across various social media platforms. Check out her blog, Yoga. Nourish. Spirit., for current workshops being offered.

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