Dos and Don’ts of Progressing in Your Career

Day after day you find yourself sitting in rush hour traffic, contemplating the week ahead and everything on your to-do list.  Each week is a whirlwind of meetings, phone calls, reports, and updates.  It’s enough to make your head spin faster than the wheels of your SoulCycle bike.  Perhaps you take relief knowing this circumstance is temporary.  Soon enough you’ll have a new job—with a company that is better aligned with your goals, experience and maybe even offers one of those coffee bars on every floor, making you feel like an All Star.

Before you drift too far into a dreamland of unlimited lattes, on-site fitness centers, and team outings, consider what it takes to get to that point.  The path you walk to reach your goals is vital and can impact your progress even after you’ve accepted the job offer.  Take the following into consideration and, before you know it, you just might be trading in your cubicle for a corner office.

Do:  Identify your goals

Don’t:  Avoid staying in a field just because you have a particular degree or level of experience

Let’s back up for just a moment.  Landing an interview is great!  But there’s a TON of work that goes into the job search before we reach that point.  Take a look at your current resume.  Which experiences stand out to you?  Which have you enjoyed the most?  What are you doing for fun on the weekends and after hours?  Just because you have a degree in accounting doesn’t mean you’re destined to be an accountant forever.

Do:  Build relationships

Don’t:  Contact only the companies that have job openings

The best way to find that perfect job is to build relationships.  The “old school” way of doing a job search and filling out an application is a thing of the past.  Rather than limit yourself to what is available, focus on connecting with companies you want to work for.  Build relationships with the current staff so they can see how awesome you are and keep you in mind for future opportunities.

Do:  Focus on growth

Don’t:  Keep on trucking along

Your career should never come to a complete standstill.  It may feel like you’ve done all you can and have exhausted all your resources while doing so.  Yet, it’s vital to continue building your resume and connecting with new people.  How so?  Go back to tip #1.  Identify your goals.  Even if you’re not landing any interviews or receiving any job offers, you can focus on your “side hustle.”  Maybe that means starting a blog.  Or earning that personal trainer certification.  By pursuing additional opportunities, you’ll realize your worth extends past 40 hours/week in the office.  You’ll place yourself in circumstances that align with your passions and may ultimately lead to a promising career change.

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