Our Favorite Fall Activities

While it may be tempting to stay under the covers and hibernate in a hoodie, fall is our favorite time of year to get outside!  The sweltering heat has passed, the hair-flying humidity has dropped.  Why not Getaway and head outdoors for some of these friendship-building, memory-creating and calorie-burning activities? And if you’d rather stay […]

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SOL and SELENE - Push The Envelope

Staying Organized at Work and in Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could enjoy an endless weekend the way we enjoy bottomless mimosas?  Sunday would be spent outside on the patio, with powdered-sugar topped French Toast, fresh strawberries and a never-ending pitcher of orange juice and champagne.  We’d raise our glasses and not just eat toast, but give cheers and celebrate […]

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Beyond the #PSL: Our Favorite Benefits of Pumpkin

As quickly as the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, we begin to flaunt our oversized sweaters, scarves, and beanies.  We breathe in the crisp autumn air, surrounded by a cool breeze that scatters red and yellow leaves alongside our knee-high boots, pumpkin spice latte in one hand and our High Impact tote in the […]

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5 Healthy Lunch Ideas

In a perfect world, we would arrive at the gym by 6 am Monday through Friday.  We would fall asleep by 10pm and have our clothes laid out for the next day.  Lunchtime would be an hour of relaxation, fueling up on budget-friendly, nutrient-dense food.  Yet, how often do you escape work at 11:55am only […]

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Our Favorite Fall Beauty Products

The beauty of a full heart is meant to be shared with others.  When kindness and love overflow, we feel grateful and are equipped to share it with those around us.  A healthy diet, a positive outlook, and daily activity help us maintain full hearts and bring out our best selves.  That inner glow shows […]

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