Travel Nutrition: Our Top 5 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Go

  It may have taken months, but you’ve finally mastered the art of meal prep.  Your weekly trips to the grocery store are uber efficient and a pre-requisite to a week of healthy, nutrient dense meals and snacks.  Your friends at work envy your perfectly proportioned containers of chicken, spinach salads and quinoa.  The cashier […]

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Sol And Selene - Winter Winddown

Winter Winddown

Shopping lists are growing and temperature are dropping. You’ve booked your airfare to fly home, but still aren’t sure who’s picking you up.  There’s only one week left to complete the end of year report your boss requested.  You’ve been out of almond milk for over a week and the hustle of city life has […]

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Brand Ambassador Spotlight – November 2017: Hillary Holmes

We caught up with SOL and SELENE Ambassador Hillary Holmes between photo shoots and yoga class to find out what fuels her inner goal-getter!  So grab a cup of hot tea and join us as this Physical Therapy Assistant, Trainer, Model and Yoga Teacher shares her story. What got you started living a healthy/fitness lifestyle? […]

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SOL and SELENE - Jenna Epperly - Around Town Back Pack

The Fit Girl’s Gift Guide

We know.  It’s cold, snowy and the fact that you can see your breathe in the air makes a trip to the mall sound less appealing than ANOTHER serving of turkey leftovers.  Don’t fret. Before you run Around Town in a frenzy, check out our list below. We’ve found some fitness favorites that will make any […]

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The Living Room Workout

Thanksgiving week is among us.  The holidays are a good time to rest, restore and fill up on your favorite foods.  However, if your only exercise consists of sprints through the airport and arm curls by the fork full, give our Living Room Workout a try.  This routine is guaranteed to wake you from the […]

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